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I UK [ˈwɪs(ə)l] / US / US [ˈhwɪs(ə)l] noun [countable]
Word forms "whistle":
singular whistle plural whistles
1) a small metal or plastic object that you put in your mouth and blow to make a high sound
blow a whistle:

The referee blew the whistle for half-time.

a whistle goes/sounds:

The whistle went for full-time.

a) a piece of equipment that produces a high sound, used as a warning or a signal on a train or a boat, or in a place such as a factory
a whistle blows:

The whistle blew as the train prepared to leave.

b) a musical instrument consisting of a small metal tube that you blow
2) the sound that someone makes when they force air through their mouth

Loud cheers and whistles greeted the team.

give/let out a whistle:

Darren gave a low whistle.

a) a sound made as a signal or a warning, especially on a boat or a train, or in a place such as a factory

the ship's shrill whistle

b) the sound that you make by blowing through a whistle

Play stopped when we heard the whistle.

the final whistle (= used for showing that a game or competition has finished):

He scored again just seconds before the final whistle.

c) the high sound that some birds make

the skylark's piercing whistle

blow the whistle (on someone/something)informal to tell someone in authority that someone is doing something dishonest or illegal

A former employee blew the whistle on corrupt practices within the company.

II UK [ˈwɪs(ə)l] / US / US [ˈhwɪs(ə)l] verb
Word forms "whistle":
present tense I/you/we/they whistle he/she/it whistles present participle whistling past tense whistled past participle whistled
1) [intransitive/transitive] to make a tune or musical notes by forcing air through your mouth

Sue whistled softly to herself.

I wish you'd stop whistling that tune!

a) [intransitive/transitive] to make a high sound by forcing air through your mouth in order to get someone's attention, or to show that you like or dislike something

The spectators jeered and whistled.

whistle to:

She whistled softly to her friends.

b) [intransitive] to blow a whistle as a warning or to get someone's attention

The referee whistled for a free kick.

c) [intransitive] if a machine, train, or boat whistles, a piece of equipment on it makes a loud high sound
d) [intransitive] if the wind whistles around or through a place, it makes a high sound because it is blowing strongly
2) [intransitive] to move or to travel very quickly

Her shot went whistling past the goalpost.

Phrasal verbs:

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